Self-centeredness is a form of egocentrism. It is a focused concern on our appearance, achievements, good works, and self-will while disregarding the true well being of others. The ego-centered person’s focus is, “How am I doing?” He or she looks for answers through comparison and competition. Our society’s over-concern with self-esteem promotes a culture of egocentrism.

Self-awareness is a struggle to identify, expose, and express who we are, even when that discovery hurts or points to a need for change. By looking within and listening to others, the self-aware person has answers to the questions “Who am I?” “What do I believe?” “Why am I doing this?” Because self- awareness is usually preceded by brokenness, self-awareness creates a sense of deep gratitude.

This Glossary of Heart presents a daily choice for us. The first option keeps us where we are. The second option takes us on a journey into our hearts. It’s the hardest yet most courageous choice we can make. I hope you take the risk.

AuthorChip Dodd