A full life is beyond our grasp without knowing The Eight Feelings™ that are stamped upon our hearts.

We have eight feelings that allow us to live fully in a tragic place: hurt, lonely, sad, anger, fear, shame, guilt, and glad. They are a part of us living fully, loving deeply, and leading well. These eight essential tools help us see who we are made to be so we can do what we are made to do.



"Hurt is the emotional and spiritual cry within us that lets us know that we have pain. Ironically, the admission of hurt acts as the catalyst to relief and healing of emotional and spiritual pain. When we tell the truth about hurt, others can help us. To minimize or deny the violence that we experience in hurt is to leave ourselves bleeding." - The Voice of the Heart

Full video length: 10 minutes, 10 seconds


 "God gave us loneliness so we would seek out relationship. Loneliness is a feeling that speaks to our deep hunger to belong and be known. We are often embarrassed or ashamed, or we believe there's something wrong with us for experiencing loneliness. Loneliness renders us vulnerable to our hunger for emotional and spiritual fulfillment, thus exposing us to all relationship needs." - The Voice of the Heart

Full video length: 5 minutes, 17 seconds


"Sadness is the feeling that speaks to how much you value what is missed. Sadness is proportional - the more sadness you feel after a loss, the more you value what is lost. Sadness gives us the gift of valuing and honoring life. Sadness is fundamental to full life because it opens the door to healing. Because sadness is a cleansing feeling, it eases the burden of daily life. Tears are gifts that we give to whatever we lose." - The Voice of the Heart

Full video length: 9 minutes, 30 seconds


"Authentic anger is a caring feeling, telling us that something matters. It shows our yearning and hunger for life. It shows us, even comforts us with, what we care about. Anger, then, is the feeling that clarifies who we are and who we are not. Angry people who are pure with their anger can be good company to keep." - The Voice of the Heart

Full video length: 6 minutes, 34 seconds


"Fear brings us strength. It is the feeling that allows us to experience risk, trust, dependency, collaboration, and, ultimately, wisdom because it helps us realize our need for help. Wisdom begins its creation through fear. Fear offers us the chance to decide or discern which direction to go. Fear makes us face ourselves and reveals our neediness. Healthy fear leads me into relationship because it helps me recognize that I am not enough. I need others." - The Voice of the Heart

Full video length: 18 minutes


Shame is the dependency feeling. "Shame tells me: 'I am limited.' 'I am mistake-ridden.' 'I have some answers, but I don't have all the answers.' I need you to help me; I can't do this alone.' Shame does not humiliate. It helps create humility within us. We are glorious ruins in need of others and God. Shame is the feeling that brings us into relationship with ourselves because it makes us conscious of our incompleteness." - The Voice of the Heart

Full video length: 8 minutes, 34 seconds


"Guilt brings freedom.  It is the emotional and spiritual gift that allows us to feel and accept that we've done something wrong. It sparks the wish and vulnerability for change. It prompts us to seek forgiveness. Guilt is what we feel when we actually do something wrong. Through guilt, the heart confronts behavior, and behavior, in turn, exposes the state of our hearts." - The Voice of the Heart

Full video length: 5 minutes, 24 seconds


"Wherever there is hope, there is gladness. Wherever hope is fulfilled, there is more gladness. Gladness comes to those who know and persistently pursue their hearts' desires. Gladness is the result of our willingness to feel these other seven feelings. Gladness is not about being happy or getting what we want. Gladness is about desiring deeply and having a willingness to walk through pain in the pursuit of the desire." - The Voice of the Heart

Full video length: 10 minutes