Meet Chip

Chip Dodd, PhD, LPC–MHSP 

Chip Dodd, PhD, LPC–MHSP 

Chip Dodd, PhD, is a teacher, trainer, author, and counselor, who has been working in the field of recovery and redemption for over 26 years. It is the territory in which people can return to living the way we are created to live–where we can move from survival to living, from isolation to loving, and from controlling to leading. After receiving his PhD in counseling from the University of North Texas, he founded a treatment center, The Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) in Nashville; a multidisciplinary treatment center for licensed professionals with addiction, depression, burnout, anxiety, and other behavioral problems. 

With his clinical experience, love of storytelling, and passion for living fully, Chip developed a way of seeing and expressing one’s internal experience called the Spiritual Root System™. It expresses the essential heart of human beings and gives practical tools to live fully, love deeply, and lead well. 

Chip founded Sage Hill: A Social Impact Organization with the mission to use the Spiritual Root System™ to help people see who they're made to be so they can do what they're made to do. 

Chip is the author of The Voice of the Heart, The Perfect Loss, and his latest series: Live Fully, Love Deeply, and Lead Well.  


"We are created as emotional and spiritual creatures, created to do one thing—live fully."

About the work Chip does at CPE...

Chip has been helping professionals in all walks of life gain recovery from addiction, depression, anxiety and other behavioral disorders since 1988. Not only does he help professionals gain recovery from  what ails them, he also helps them gain recovery of  who they are made to be. These valuable people move beyond their intellect, willpower and perfectionism into their hearts, and then pour their hearts into the 12-Steps of recovery. This process leads them toward reconciliation with themselves, others and God. 

He operates on the principle that we are created as emotional and spiritual creatures, created to do one thing--live fully. But we cannot live fully unless we are living fully in relationship with ourselves, others and God. 

  • Addiction enslaves the life within us
  • Recovery sets us free
  • CPE's mission is freedom

Chip believes that the gold standard for treatment is to focus on the individual. Treatment that does not do this is not enough. Chip and his staff have fashioned a place that treats no more than 10 people at a time. In the refuge of Center for Professional Excellence small, intimate environment, they can focus on doing vertical treatment; from head to heart. Chip believes that most problems occur through early impaired relationship and, therefore, the recovery of the lives we were made to live occurs through repaired relationships. Chip guides each person who comes to CPE through the badlands to freedom; from  enslavement of addiction, to the recovery of life. 

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